Mental health advocacy and policy

Your Role in Advancing Evidence-Informed, Behavioral Health Policymaking

Northwest Mental Health Technology Transfer Center

Speakers: Jennifer Piel, MD, JD, and Sarah Cusworth Walker, PhD

April 15, 2021

Research and policy experts Sarah Walker, PhD, and Jennifer Piel, MD, JD, share scholarly perspectives and their personal experiences of working in the “research to policy” process, including how to gauge and utilize policymakers’ interests, and the research to date on tested models of evidence-informed policymaking. They discuss the importance of intentionally building relationships to create change at local, state, and national levels, and how to better find and speak to important audiences for effective dissemination of results and findings to increase reach and impact of your work.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn the most common ways research is used and research use is facilitated in policymaking
  • Hear strategies for how to partner and tailor research to increase the likelihood that it will be used by policymakers
  • Be able to craft the first steps for moving research forward for public health impact